May 26, 2020

Jumping into fall with Schneblies

by Schneblies
This gorgeous fall frog photo is by marinusswanepoel on Flickr!

This gorgeous fall frog photo is by marinusswanepoel on Flickr!


Photo by Ken Hawkins on Flickr Creative CommonsThis is such a great time of year. Don’t you LOVE fall? Every year at this time my imagination returns to all the beautiful colors of the season. The absolutely beautiful leaves, the crisp air (depending on where you are living), the energy of back to school, reigniting activities with friends, new activities, and, of course, all the cool things you get to do outdoors now that the heat of summer is behind us.

It is pretty safe to say that as a girl growing up in New England, I took fall for granted. Wearing sweaters, hiking, apple picking, pumpkin patches and hayrides, sports – just to name a “few” – would show up, on time, year after year.

It never really occurred to me that one day these pleasures might be threatened by something called climate change, or that the choices that some made would eventually threaten life as we know it. It’s pretty incredible how quickly we’ve seen things change.

Photo by Gabriela Sakamoto on Flickr Creative Commons.On a positive note, however, the GOOD news is we still have a beautiful planet to enjoy. We all need to be more mindful of what we do, and consider that our planet deserves our respect – just as we should be thankful for what we have and preserve it for others.

Look how long this planet has been here in all of its beauty! What better way to say “thank you” than to return the favor and protect our home, our MOTHER!


Photo of this week's supermoon by Scott Cresswell on Flickr Creative Commons.Earlier this week I went outdoors and enjoyed the fantastic lunar eclipse! Wasn’t it awesome? It’s crazy, but I believe this is the first time I’ve watched one in its entirety, and all I could think about is how amazing this all is, and how sad it is knowing there are glaciers melting, water supplies threatened, and how climate change has had such a profound impact on Mother Earth.

How are you going to enjoy Fall? The options are abundant for lots of fun and making memories.

So get out there! Enjoy the beautiful colors! Enjoy the crisp fall air! Make memories, have FUN, and do so in a way that makes a difference so that down the road, everyone has the opportunity to follow in your footsteps!

xoxox Susie, aka Schnebliemama


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